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For a client, we needed to convert a Ventrian NewsArticles module with over 15.000 articles, to a shiny new OpenContent template. This blog explains how we managed to successfully handle that conversion.

Posted in: Extension Development, General
By Stefan Kamphuis
Together with Tjeps Digital Agency, 40Fingers have created a Google Tag Manager Connector for DNN. While we hope it will be included in future version the DNN, we made the package available here, for ...
About EmptyModules At 40Fingers we've been creating "EmptyModules" for several years. We use them as a template for custom modules we need to build for our customers. Yes, an EmptyMod...
Posted in: Code, Extension Development
By Stefan Kamphuis
Sometimes you want to test your dev work on multiple devices before putting it on a test server. Of course, you will already have tested it locally, with your browser development tools, but testing on...
Some time ago, Ventrian published their SimpleGallery module as open source. Unfortunately, it was not working anymore on DNN9.2 and up. Since the module is still used quite a lot, 40Fingers stepped u...
Posted in: Extension Development, General
By Stefan Kamphuis
Ventrian NewsArticles is still a very widely used News Articles module. Major drawback, however, is that is is not actively maintained anymore. The module has been published as open source by Ventrian...
Posted in: Extension Development, General
By Stefan Kamphuis
Following our presentation on DNN-Connect 2018 in Limerick, Ireland, we've published the module now on GitHub and our website. We hope you will be able to put the module to good use and are loo...
Recently, one of our clients requested that a user would be able to review the translation of pages for a not yet published language on a website. And of course I needed that wihout hours of work for ...
Last year we developed an application for one the divisions within a Dutch medical university. The application truly showed the strength of DNN as a web application framework. This particular appli...
DotNetNuke normally sends out email on numerous occasions.
In your development environment you mostly don't have an email server set up so these emails are not really sent.
In some cases I do need to view / check these emails.

This might be to test the templates of an email module, to test localization of the emails DotNetNuke sends out on registration or as password reminders etc.

The easiest way I have found is to allow me to check the emails DotNetNuke sends is by adding a section to web.config.
Posted in: Extension Development, General
By Timo Breumelhof
Introduction Recently, Datasprings added, upon the request of one of our clients, the possibility to use iDeal as payment provider in its module Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms already contained support ...
Posted in: Extension Development, Site Administration
By Peter Schotman

By seperating appearance from behaviour, you will decrease ther depency between developers and designers in your project. Both use there specialized set of skills, leading to good clean design and code.

Posted in: Extension Development
By Stefan Kamphuis