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2 tips for better use of the FCK editor


Changing text styles

During text editing a lot of people are confused as to what the editor does if you set a certain style to a selection of text.
Sometimes the editor assignes a style to more then the selected text.

Here's an example:

You make a selection and select a style, the result is this:

Which was not your intention.

The reason for this is that the editor adds some styles to a block of text.
The selection was a part of the text inside a block of text, and the editor automatically expands the selection to the whole block.

The solution for this is to make the selected text into a "block of text" (read paragraph) first.
You do this by pressing enter while the cursor is placed at the end of the text (in the case behind "lectus").

Then select the text and change the style.

Another related issue is that it is sometimes difficult to see what's a paragraph and what's not, but the editor now has a trick to solve that.

There is a "Show Blocks" Icon in the toolbar:

If you click it the editor will show you the paragraphs in the text, which it very handy at times.

Full screen mode

Another "annoyance" can be that the text editor window is too small.
On the left of the "Show Blocks" button there is a ful screen Icon, which will show you the editor in full screen mode, giving you all the editing space you need.

Please note that have to restore the normal size before you can save (click the icon again).

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