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Installing DotNetNuke on Windows 2008R2

Windows 2008r2 is good in so many ways, I can never list them all. Of course, being the server variant of Windows 7, it means you can use all the nice interface enhancements that are also available in Windows 7.

Both Windows 7 and Windows 2008r2 have IIS 7.5 on board. One of the most interesting enhancements in IIS 7.5 is something called the Application Pool Identity (AppPoolIdentity). In Windows 2008r2 this is the default setting for new application pools. With this setting, IIS can create a unique virtual windows account, using the name of the application pool. Accounts created like this have the same networking capabilities as the well known NETWORKSERVICE account, however, because they are unique, they can also be used to secure physical files in your system.

So, lets see how we can use this to quickly install DotNetNuke in a secure manner.

Posted in: Windows Server
By Stefan Kamphuis