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40FINGERS Edtit Skin Text Skin Object


The 40FINGERS DNN Edit Skin Text Skin Object allows you to add Texts to your skin or Container.
These texts can be directy edited and saved by the Sites Administrator.



<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="ff_EditSkinText" Src="~/DesktopModules/40fingers/skinobjects/EditSkinText/EditSkinText.ascx" %>
<h1><dnn:ff_EditSkinText runat="server" id="S1" SettingsName="Head" DefaultValue="Enter Title..." /></h1>


Attribute: Mode
Use: Set the scope for the stored Text
        Portal: Stored for this Portal (same text on all pages)
        Tab: Stored for this Page
        PageName: Stored as th Page Name (as in Page Settings)
        PageTitle: Stored as the page Title (as in Page Settings)
        ModuleTitle: Stored as Module Title (used in Container)
        Container: Used for this container
Default: "Tab"
Attribute: SettingsName
Use: The name with which the text is stored, use different names for different texts.
Values: Any String
Default: "Default"

Attribute: ValidatorRX
Use: Regular expression to validate the input
Values: For only numers > "\d*"
Default: ""

Attribute: ErrorMessage
Use: Error to show when the text does not validate
Values: "Please enter a number"
Default: "Error"

Attribute: DefaultValue
Use: The value that's shown when no Text has been entered of the string is empty.
Values: Any String like "Enter A Number"
Default: "..."

Attribute: ShowDefault
Use: Show the Text in View mode when the entered Text is empty?
Values: True / False
Default: False

Attribute: Inherit
Use: Inherit from parent Tab(s) / Portal?
Values: True / False
Default: False

Attribute: AllowEdit
Use: Prevent the edit link for being injected, used when the same Text is placed twice on the same page / portal"
Values: True / False
Default: True

Attribute: SaveLink
Use: The link that calls the save action.
Default: "<a class='EditSkinText_Save' id='{0}' href='#' onclick='saveText(""{1}"", ""{2}"")'><img src='/Images/save.gif' alt='Save' /></a>"


Edit Skin Text Skinobject

Add Editable Texts to your Skin or Container.


DNN Edit Skin Text SKO - 01.03.00

Released: 10 January 2018

Release notes:

This release is a Security Fix.

Fixed : 1

  • Registered users can edit Texts

    In some circumstances "Registered Users" were able to edit texts.
    This was caused by the DNN API sometimes returning "Edit State" for the Control Panel even for a User without edit rights.
    By adding an extra check, this was fixed.

DNN Edit Skin Text SKO - 01.02.03

Released: 19 May 2017