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Using Datasprings Dynamic Forms to make iDeal payments



Recently, Datasprings added, upon the request of one of our clients, the possibility to use iDeal as payment provider in its module Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms already contained support for Authorize.Net, Paypal and a number of other payment providers.
iDeal is the de facto standard for online payments in the Netherlands (about 10 million consumers use iDeal), every webshop uses it and it is accepted as a secure solution by Dutch consumers. iDeal is supported by all major banks in the Netherlands and many smaller banks.  iDeal is not free, you will usually pay a subscription fee and transaction costs per transaction, this depends on your bank.
With this addition the module can now be used to directly accept payments using iDeal. This gives the site owner full control over his payment process, furthermore, it is also a cost effective solution.

Steps to use iDeal in Dynamic Forms


You have to request approval from your bank to use iDeal. It will take a couple of days to process your request and setup your dashboard and provide you with your merchant information. Your bank will provide you with tools, certificates and documentation to setup iDeal. For our bank, ING, all the information is provided through the dashboard..

Installing iDeal SSL

Dynamic forms integrates with the advanced version of iDeal. As a first step you need to generate a SSL certificate for your domain name. The iDeal implementation manual will guide you through the steps needed to generate this certificate. This certificate should be installed on the web server and one should make sure the app pool user of the website can access the certificate.

Web config changes

This version of dynamic forms requires you to set some variables in the appSettings section of the web.config file. Image 1. shows the required settings. 
After adding these items, you need to setup the form.

Configuring the form

The form needs the following required fields: PGateway, Ideal_Amount, Ideal_MerchantID, Ideal_Description, Ideal_PurchaseID, Ideal_EntranceCode, Ideal_List, Ideal_Status, Ideal_TransactionID. See the iDeal documentation for a detailed explanation on how to use these fields.

Above image shows the form with textboxes with the required default values. Normally, you will not use textboxes but a combination of fixed and dynamic values.
The dropdown “Ideal_List” with value “Issuer Simulation” simulates the list of banks. In a production situation a buyer will select his own bank from the list and then initiate the payment process.
The field short names should be exact (titles can be changed of course), otherwise it will not work.


After setting up the form, you should now be able to run the required test transactions.  Our bank (ING) has an elaborate dashboard in which you can track the status of every transaction..

More Information

First and foremost you should follow the requirements of your bank. Although the iDeal payment process is identical for all banks, they do have different procedures and dashboards..

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