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DotNetNuke very slow page loading issues with AVG 9


Since about a month I'm having issues on my development machine with my local DotNetNuke installations.

Sometimes pages load so slow in the browser, I get a timeout or the page only loads only half.
Mostly the pages are fine and load normally.

I had the issue mostly on pages that are loaded via a JavaScript link, like after clicking on the login link.
Mostly stopping the page load and reloading helped.

I checked the JavaScript, memory usage, Firefox extensions, plug-ins before but didn't find a solution.

Today I was working on a template for a module and the issue was driving me crazy.
I'm using a lot of Javascript in the module template to load images and every 2 page loads  the page would time out.

So I spent some time on the issue again.
I finally found the reason for the delays and I'm posting it to prevent others from searching as long as I did.

I use AVG Anti-Virus business Edition 9 and the "Online Shield" is the reason for the page delays. It seems it's a bit too strict on the JavaScript code, or it's too slow.
After I stopped the "Online Shield", the issue was gone.
I upgraded to AVG 9 about a month ago, but I did not see the relation before.
I did not have the issue in AVG 8.

I guess it's time for a new Virus Scanner...

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