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Inline editing in a DotNetNuke Skin


When developing a custom skin for clients, in many cases there are texts in the skin that the Content Editor should be able to edit, but only "once".

We normally add an extra Pane to the skin and use the HTML module, but when for instance a heading needs to be styled that's risky. You cannot make sure the editor does not accidentally remove the heading or applies custom styling.

I have been thinking about a skin object to solve this and actually wrote down the requirement more then a year ago, but never got to actually creating it.

Every time could use it, there was either no time or no budget.

Yesterday I decided it was time to finally start up visual studio and make a first version.

I created a skin object that allows you to add an editable text to a skin.
I uses the HTML5 contenteditable attribute, so you dod need a modern browser for this to work.

Demo and Documentation