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Easy money: help us test!

By: Stefan Kamphuis

Update october 4th, 2010: The draw has been won by Armand Datema. Congratulations! Thanks to all other testers.

Want to make an easy €100?

We need your help testing an auction module by pretending a real auction. The auction uses Silverlight to show the item currently being auctioned and to handle the bids.

Some of you have helped us out a few days ago already, but now, we're throwing in a €100 reward. After the test has finished, all user that meet the following criteria will enter the draw for one €100 prize:

  • Registered on the site (otherwise you won't be able to place a bid and we won't know who to send the money to)
  • Have been online (having a browser window open on the aucton page) for at least one hour during the autcion
  • Placed a bid on at least 10 different lots in the auction

All registered users will be deleted after the test (in fact, the whole website will be, including the users).

"So, when will all this happen?" you ask...
We're running the test from 3PM to 6PM Dutch time, which is 1PM UTC. Other timezones: http://40f.nl/aKf9fa

"And what do I have to do?"
Navigate to http://auction.test.40fingers.net when the test is starting (or running), register as a user and go to the Live Auction page. There, you can start bidding as you like.

Thanks a lot in advance, hope to see you online in a few hours!

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