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SEO Redirect Module


The SEO redirect module was first created by us in 2012 when we “converted” a client website from PHP to DNN. Because the existing website ranked quite well in google we needed a way to add mapping for redirects from the old pages to the new ones.
Over the years we have add more functionality to the module and its interface and we now use it on most of our websites.

404 and 301

For SEO, it’s useful to redirect renamed or moved pages or files to their new location.
Although DNN has built in functionality for renamed pages, it does not for all other situations.
The SEO redirect allows you to see the incoming 404’s and add a redirect them to a new location if needed.


Redirect URL's that would otherwise generate a 404

-The module logs what URLs generate a “Page not Found” on the 404 page.

  • An admin can see a list of 404s and add redirect (301) rules to another location.
  • This is possible for DNN pages and static files.
  • The mappings are stored in an XML file in the portal Folder.

This allows you to prepare a redirect list when moving a website from another system to DNN.

Force 404 on URL's with an existing top-level page

DNN does not generate 404 errors for URL's below an existing page.
For example: if /Banana does exist, there will not be a 404 error for /Banana/Green, even when that page does not exist.

This feature, introduced in version 2.4 of this module, will allow you to force that 404 by checking the page on the edit-page for Force-404.

Prevent the log table from growing too large

In the module settings you can enable or disable a scheduled task that will remove logs from the logging table. You can specify a maximum number of log entries, and a maximum age in days. Other entries will be removed on a daily basis, but you can of course change the frequency yourself in DNN..


There's a download link on the right of this on desktop and at the bottom of this page on mobile devices.


Please download the manual for this module here.

Issues & suggestions

If you find any issues or suggestions please log them on Github


This module is open source. We've published the source code on GitHub.


SEO Redirect Module : SEO Redirect Module - 02.06.03 - v02.06.03

Released: 30 November 2021

Release notes:

This release contains several bugfixes, especially one that might block a DNN upgrade. More info on GitHub.

Fixed : 2

SEO Redirect Module - 02.06.02

Released: 28 May 2021

Release notes:

Fixes log cleanup number issue
Adds license file

See: https://github.com/40fingers/DNN-SEORedirect/milestone/4?closed=1

SEO Redirect Module - 02.06.01

Released: 7 January 2021

Release notes:

Bugfix issue 81 with force404 and composite files 

Fixed : 1

SEO Redirect Module - 02.06.00

Released: 21 December 2020

Release notes:

This release adds the feature to configure the Http Status Code to use for each redirect. The default behaviour hasn't been changed.

Also, a few minor issues have been resolved.

Added: 1

  • Option to use other status codes than just 301

    Implemented issue #79.

Improved: 1

  • Fix conflict between 404 page setting in web.config vs DNN

    Issue #73.

Fixed : 1

  • Services called for non-admins

    Issue #77.

SEO Redirect Module : Log Cleanup Release - 02.05.00

Released: 1 May 2020

Release notes:

Main feature added this release is #25: added a scheduled task and some settings to keep control over the size of your RedirectLog database table.

Added: 1

SEO Redirect Module : Force 404 Release - 02.04.03

Released: 3 April 2020

Release notes:

Main feature added this release is #53:

DNN does not generate 404 errors for URL's below an existing page.
For example: if /Banana does exist, there will not be a 404 error for /Banana/Green, even when that page does not exist. This feature will allow you to force that 404.

Also, several bugs and UI-issues have been solved.

SEO Redirect Module : Feature release - 02.03.00

Released: 24 January 2020

Release notes:

Main issues fixed/features added in this release:

  • #7 Duplicates when entering URLs ending with spaces
  • #3 Store redirect XML as .resources file
  • #12 Add option to Ignore a url for logging
  • #28 Missing close of the edit screen

Plus some UI improvements

SEO Redirect Module - 02.02.07

Released: 25 September 2019

Release notes:

Bug fix

Fixed : 1

  • Editing issue

    In the list with "Top x Urls" there was an issue when you used a custom url that we fixed in the version.