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YouTube Movies In Normal Content

Thursday, September 09, 2010 - Stefan Kamphuis
YouTube Movies In Normal Content

Quite often, DotNetNuke website administrators turn to specialized YouTube modules to include a YouTube movie on their website. The good news is, however, that YouTube movies can be embedded easy enough in pretty much every module that uses the rich text editor in DotNetNuke.

Let’s just take it in a few steps. In this example I’ll just use a Text/HTML module, but it’ll work in any other place too where the rich text editor is used.

First, log into your website, navigate to a page with a Text/HTML module on it and choose “Edit Text” on the module’s menu. Chances are, you are now looking at the Rich Text Editor in WYSIWYG view. You will need to switch it to Raw or HTML view. How this can be done, depends on the type of Editor Provider that your site is configured to use. When using the FCK Editor (default before DotNetNuke 5.4) you can click the “Source” button on the top right of the editor. With Telerik’s RADEditor (default from DotNetNuke 5.4 upwards) you can click the HTML tab in the lower left of the editor.

Alternatively, you can switch the entire editor to “Basic Text Box” mode by using the radiobuttons right above the editor.

You should now see something like this:

Editor in source view

For now, leave this page the way it is now, open up a new browser window or tab and find the YouTube Movie you want to include in the module. Notice the “Embed” button on the right, below the movie:

Click it, and see what appears in the area below the button:

You can use the options in this area to tweak the look of the movie a bit and when you’re done, click in the “html” area (blue text) to select the so-called embed code and copy the code to the clipboard.

Now, switch back to the window where we just left your site open and paste the code into the HTML Area:

Switching the editor back to Design view will prably look a bit odd:

Never mind that though, and just click “Save” and watch the movie play in your site:

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