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As explained in this video you can add an (page) item to the DNN personabar. This can be helpful for admins to do certain tasks. Unfortunately, removing or renaming items needs to go thro...
Posted in: General, Site Administration
By Peter Schotman
From our list of things that are not in DNN, but would come in handy every now and then if they where.... Changing the default language of a portal. With Content localization switch on, that is. At...
Posted in: Code, General, Site Administration
By Stefan Kamphuis
Recently, one of our clients requested that a user would be able to review the translation of pages for a not yet published language on a website. And of course I needed that wihout hours of work for ...
Last year we developed an application for one the divisions within a Dutch medical university. The application truly showed the strength of DNN as a web application framework. This particular appli...
Nota bene: er is ook een Nederlandstalige versie van deze blogpost. Update: the crossposted version of this post on DotNetNuke.com contains some interesting comments. Over the past few mon...
Introduction Recently, Datasprings added, upon the request of one of our clients, the possibility to use iDeal as payment provider in its module Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms already contained support ...
Posted in: Extension Development, Site Administration
By Peter Schotman
Presenting a list of events with the DotNetNuke reports module

The reports module is an excellent way to present data from your DNN installation in an ad hoc fashion. One can use it for any table in and outside the DNN installation. In this example we will present a list of events from the events module.

Posted in: Code, Site Administration
By Peter Schotman
YouTube Movies In Normal Content
Quite often, DotNetNuke website administrators turn to specialized YouTube modules to include a YouTube movie on their website. The good news is, however, that YouTube movies can be embedded easy enou...
Posted in: Site Administration
By Stefan Kamphuis
Changing text styles During text editing a lot of people are confused as to what the editor does if you set a certain style to a selection of text. Sometimes the editor assignes a style to more then t...
Posted in: Site Administration
By Timo Breumelhof
spell checker in DNN text editor
The DNN text editor also contains a nifty little spell checker. It is a tool that works in IE and needs to be installed on your local machine first. Once installed, it works like a breeze and hel...
Posted in: Site Administration
By Peter Schotman