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Together with Tjeps Digital Agency, 40Fingers have created a Google Tag Manager Connector for DNN. While we hope it will be included in future version the DNN, we made the package available here, for ...
About EmptyModules At 40Fingers we've been creating "EmptyModules" for several years. We use them as a template for custom modules we need to build for our customers. Yes, an EmptyMod...
Posted in: Code, Extension Development
By Stefan Kamphuis
From our list of things that are not in DNN, but would come in handy every now and then if they where.... Changing the default language of a portal. With Content localization switch on, that is. At...
Posted in: Code, General, Site Administration
By Stefan Kamphuis
Recently, one of our clients requested that a user would be able to review the translation of pages for a not yet published language on a website. And of course I needed that wihout hours of work for ...
Presenting a list of events with the DotNetNuke reports module

The reports module is an excellent way to present data from your DNN installation in an ad hoc fashion. One can use it for any table in and outside the DNN installation. In this example we will present a list of events from the events module.

Posted in: Code, Site Administration
By Peter Schotman